ipH Iakovos Photiades Foodstuff Suppliers Ltd. was founded in 1981 by the experienced and ambitious businessman Takis Photiades and his sons Iakovos and Marios. Takis Photiades had the vision of setting up a specialized company in the field of importing, handling, distributing and brand building of food consumer goods – with an emphasis on quality in all aspects.

Since 1981, the vision of its founder and, by extension, the strategy and philosophy of ipH, focuses on distinguishing the company from its competitors through the introduction and availability of high-quality brands in conjunction with the capacity of its personnel for perceptivity and flexibility.  Today with the same vision and guiding principles, the company is run by Iakovos Photiades and his three children and ipH is a well-established FMCGs company and amongst the leading representatives and distributors of food products in the Cyprus market.

The ability of ipH’s management team and personnel to respond effectively to market challenges and the ever-changing trade and consumer needs, the continuous investment in innovation and new systems and the important brands that ipH represents have constituted the ‘key to success’ for ipH throughout the years and have managed to place ipH on the map of the most important players in the Cyprus Retail and Horeca sectors.

In 2008, Margarita Photiades (Commercial Team), in 2010 Christos Photiades (Business Development) and in 2013 Chloe Photiades (Purchasing & Logistics),  the children of Iakovos Photiades joined, constituting the 3rd generation of the family in the business.

The company began its business by importing Fresh Meat.  With the passing of time, ipH, in response to the needs of its customers, enriched its range of products with frozen meats, fish, vegetables, finger food, dairy products, desserts, biscuits, canned foods, pasta, sauces, mineral water, juices and iced coffee – all products chosen on the basis of their excellent quality, brand power and recognisability in Cyprus and the rest of the world. As a result, today ipH offers a wide variety of high quality brands which have been built and established in the Cyprus market with ipH’s correct placement and support, professional handling and distribution, its high level of customer care and brand building capabilities. For this reason, some of the largest international FMCG producing companies entrust ipH today with the handling, distribution and management of their brands – such as: Arla Foods, Starbucks, Danone, Mondelez and Valio amongst others.

ipH is the agent and distributor of over 50 leading chilled, dry and frozen brands in the Cyprus market. A number of these products are cut and re-packed by ipH in Cyprus under the license of its suppliers for the needs of the Cyprus market.  At its premises in Cyprus, ipH also packs its own frozen product range – Edesma – which comprises of 40+ SKUS of fish, vegetables, bites and burger products.

Warehousing & Distribution
The privately owned premises of ipH include two warehouse and distribution centers – one just outside Nicosia, in the Latsia Industrial area, next to the company’s headquarters and re-packing units and one in Derynia, in the south-east of the island near the main touristic areas. Our carefully selected locations offer flexibility and quick access to the national highways, which connect all cities and major villages of Cyprus.

ipH has been awarded with HACCP certification and its re-packing units and facilities with ISO22000, complying also with EU Directive 178/2002 for traceability. The company uses the latest technology ERP and WM systems and has achieved 98% errorless picking. Our distribution network covers all of Cyprus, serving more than 2,200 customers on a daily basis with a fleet of 70 trucks and vans.

Sole Distributor of McDonalds in Cyprus
Our company is proud to be the sole and exclusive distributor of all products supplied to McDonald’s 18 restaurants that have been running in the Cyprus market since 1997.

Foodhaus stores
Foodhaus is ipH’s own retail chain of food stores, which caters to the needs of today’s consumers and small businesses. The Foodhaus chain of stores was launched in 2011 selling a wide variety of value for money own-label foodstuff – mostly frozen but also chilled and dry – offering a new way of shopping high quality food at affordable prices to the Cypriot consumer and smaller food business entrepreneurs. Today, Foodhaus stores have expanded with 9 operating stores (6 in Nicosia, 2 in Limassol & 1 Larnaca).  

ipH today employs 270 individuals and its turnover exceeds 45 million euro.