ipH conforms to all EU legal requirements for food handling and applies the DQMP McDonald’s criteria, having passed the 7 latest consecutive yearly audits with an ‘A’ grade. Through the use of technology, ipH has a clear focus on improving performance, product quality and customer satisfaction, integrating rigid controls and targets for these measures in the SLAs it sets with each supplier and customer across the board.
ipH warehouse premises are equipped with high standard security and safety systems including a 500KVA stand-by generator.

The following product ranges are currently handled by ipH:

  • Frozen (buns, meat, fish,vegetables,pastry)
  • Fresh (produce and fresh cheese,fresh meat)
  • Chilled (cheese slices, cheese loaves and cheese reels, pasta, juices, iced coffee)
  • Dry (mineral water, canned food, pasta, sauces, soft drinks)
  • Non Food (paper cups & lids, bowls and lids, napkins and towels, chemicals for household / catering use,  kitchen cleaning equipment and tools).

Approximately 45% of the products handled by ipH are chilled, 35% frozen and 20% dry.