Mission & Values

ipH’s mission is to become the No.1 chosen and respected FMCGs distribution and brand building company in the Cyprus market amongst international suppliers and Cypriot trade customers and consumers. Thus, the company’s long-term and pivotal focus is on:

  • creating long term partnerships with suppliers and customers characterized by team work, transparency, strategic focus and planning
  • catering for the needs of international FMCGs supplier companies recognizing their needs and demands in representing their signature brands in the Cyprus market
  • offering the best and high-level of service to its trade customers, recognizing their challenges and priorities
  • building strong brands in the marketplace that cater to today’s consumer needs
  • continuously adapting and changing ahead of the Cyprus marketplace
  • offering back to the community through a solid and on-going social responsibility program

The guiding values and principles that characterize the ipH’s team philosophy, strategy and action, enable the achievement of our long-term mission.

  • respect as the foundation in everything we do,
  • we are one team
  • we love what we do and we do it with passion,
  • We take and assign RESPONSIBILITY and we are accountable
  • that continuously evolves and develops and are pioneers and
  • we operate with reliability and consistency towards our customers.

Our company has a commitment to social responsibility and gives back to the community in the framework of a dynamic and on-going CSR program.

We recognize the responsibility of educating consumers on issues such as health and a balanced diet and work closely with the Cyprus Professional Dieticians Association by actively participating in their Healthy Breakfast Kids Education Program in Cyprus’ primary schools.  Our commitment to keep the consumers informed is also manifested in various educational events organized at all our major retail stores in Cyprus as well as in other corporate organizations.