Consistent supply to all customers is a primary goal for ipH which efficiently serves 2,000+ customers all over Cyprus from its three warehouse and distribution centers – the new one in Dhali Industrial area (7000 pallet positions), one in Latsia industrial area (2880 pallet positions) and the other in Dherynia in the Famagusta area (500 pallet positions).

The new state of the art warehouse and distribution center in Dhali that was completed in February 2021 consists of:

  • Industrial Plot : 20000m2
  • Premises: 4000m2
  • Height: 14m
  • 3 Temperature Zones: Frozen, Chilled, Ambient
  • 7000 total palette positions:
  • 4000 palette positions –Frozen
  • 1100 palette positions –Chilled
  • 2000 palette positions –Dry
  • 20 loading/unloading ramps
  • High energy efficiency (photovoltaics, high tech insulation)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Designed in such a way to allow for future expansions without affecting the daily operations

ipH premises enable us to be extremely efficient in storing, handling and distributing the increasing volumes of imported goods that we represent in the Cyprus market.  Our warehouses, which were designed to meet international standard specifications, cover a total area of 7700 sq.m. The warehouses are equipped with the latest technology and create the perfect conditions for the storage of all product types.

All ipH warehouses include Dry Areas for the storage of dry and canned products as well as Cold Areas for the storage of chilled and frozen products. Each distribution center is equipped with receiving/loading docks which open directly into the Cold Stores, thus allowing direct loading and unloading of chilled and frozen products. This is of utmost importance, as it allows no variation in temperature from the moment the products leave the storing area to the time they are loaded into the delivery vans.